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Who Handles Utilities? Landlord and Tenant Responsibilities, Colorado Property Management Tips

Today, we’re answering a question that a lot of property owners and tenants ask – who handles utilities in a rental property? There are three options: the landlord can pay, the tenant can pay, or both the landlord and tenant can pay. We’ll break down the landlord responsibilities and the tenant responsibilities, but what you need to remember is that utilities will depend on the type of property you have. (more…)

Property Lease Agreements and What to Cover | Colorado Springs Landlords

It’s important that you don’t just go and buy a general lease that isn’t state-specific. There are things that must be included or omitted in your rental lease agreement in order for it to be enforceable. Going to some random lease generator for a broad based lease won’t work for your particular situation. We recommend you talk to a local attorney and get a copy of their lease or at least some information. Make sure you include the following information in any lease. (more…)

Renting to Multiple Tenants in Colorado Springs – What You Need to Know

Renting a single family home to multiple tenants can be done, but it’s important that you distinguish between renting the property out as a whole and renting it out bedroom by bedroom. You just need to be careful. Some owners are under the impression they can rent out individual bedrooms in their homes, but it really depends on your location and corresponding zoning laws. (more…)

Things to Consider with Rent to Own Properties | Colorado Springs Landlord Education

We are providing some landlord education today, and specifically discussing a few things related to rent to own properties. Many homeowners and prospective tenants are looking for rent to own situations, or lease options. There are different things out there people use to attempt to get the tenants to buy the property during the lease. Maybe they purchase it at the end of the lease or a portion of the rent proceeds go to the purchase price of the home. However the arrangement is designed, you have to keep some important things in mind. (more…)

Best Guide to the Eviction Process in Colorado – Property Management Advice

I get a lot of questions about how much the eviction process in Colorado costs, and how to go about it. Property managers who are handling evictions must make sure the process is done through an attorney. We cannot legally represent other people in the state of Colorado. So, notify your landlords that they will need to hire an attorney. Most eviction attorneys will charge between $300 and $500 to complete the process assuming it’s uncontested. (more…)

Do You Have to Allow Marijuana in Your Colorado Springs Rental Property?

We’re talking about a hot topic today, which is marijuana laws and how they affect your Colorado Springs rental property. A few years ago, Amendment 64 was passed in Colorado, which legalized the possession and consumption of marijuana. Many landlords have asked if this means they need to allow it in their properties. There are three specific things you need to know about this topic: (more…)