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How to Determine Rental Value | Property Management in Colorado Springs

Pricing your rental home can be difficult if you’re trying to manage a property on your own. We always encourage that you work with a professional property manager because of the liability, legislation, fair housing issues, and other regulations that have a major impact on your rental home. This is one of the largest assets in your portfolio, and you want to make sure good decisions are being made. If you are certain that you want to manage on your own, however, we can help you figure out how to price your rental property. (more…)

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How To Deal With Water Damage In Your Colorado Springs Rental Property PART 2

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Black Water

The second part of this two part series is going to go into detail about “black water” or water that is contaminated by sewage, asbestos, or any other harmful substances.  Black water is a major health hazard if not extracted properly and in a timely manner.  Extraction of black water by a person not certified should never be considered.  Special suits, breathing equipment, and disinfectants must be used!  Make sure you hire an IICRC certified company, I can’t stress this enough!


Service Animals and Companion Animals In Your Colorado Springs Rental

Let’s begin by distinguishing the difference between a service animal and a companion animal.

According to Jorgette Krsulic with Colorado Casa REALTORS in Colorado Springs, CO there are differences between a service animal and companion animal.  A service animal has specific training in order to assist the person for various tasks.  For example a dog that is trained to retrieve items for a person who can’t walk.  A companion animal is not necessarily trained and is used primarily for emotional support.  If you aren’t aware, persons with disabilities are a protected class under fair housing and reasonable accommodations must be made. (more…)

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